Black and White in Tandem: Photographs by Austin Schofield

Old Light: “Completed in 1811, the Old Scituate Light was the 11th built in the States. It was first home to the ‘American Army of Two,’ the brave daughters of the lighthouse keeper, who managed to convince an enemy British regiment during the war of 1812 that they were an entire militia force by hiding behind trees and striking loudly on drums. Taken at Cedar Point in Scituate, Massachusetts.”


A Walk Before the Retire “If one takes a walk through the Common grounds before sunset, they’ll more than likely see a large pattern of people on blankets spread all across the lawn, ready to take it all in. Ironically, it’s original use was for cow pasture, but now, it’s a pasture for people. Taken at Boston Common in Boston, Massacusetts.”


Mindblock: “In some cases, barriers do not actually have the party to restrict. They may only appear to. Taken at Cranberry Bogs of Hanson, Massachusetts.”


Caving: “Suburban decay, in most cases, would refer to the leftovers of mankind. Sheds, houses, foundations, paths, art… all capturable. It makes one wonder why these pieces were left behind. Stepping stones? Taken at Camp Kiwanee in Hanson, Massachusetts.” ‚Äč

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