Christmas, and NFL Head Coach Turnover Month, is here.


It’s almost that time of year again. The air is getting crisper. NFL teams are making their final pushes for playoff spots. And the infamous Black Monday is quickly approaching.

Black Monday, for those unfamiliar with the term, is the Monday after the last regular season Sunday game in the NFL, where teams typically tend to give head coaches the pink slip.

Today I rank the most likely 5 coaches to depart. Let’s Begin.

Honorable Mentions – Mike McCoy, Mike McCarthy, Rex Ryan

These guys could–and should–be safe, but Black Monday takes no prisoners. 

Mike McCoy’s Chargers are what I like to call the “best worst team.”

The Chargers have played solid football, and yet, somehow, they’re considered one of the league’s worst teams, at 5-6, and last place in the AFC West. Head Coach Mike McCoy, who has overseen wins against the Falcons and Broncos, should be safe, as long as there isn’t a complete implosion down the stretch. But that safety is limited. He’ll likely have year left.

Mike McCarthy of the Packers has been regarded as one of the better coaches in the NFL for a long time, but the Packers aren’t the same team they’ve been in past seasons. McCarthy could get the ax if management wants to go in a different direction. When Aaron Rodgers is your Quarterback, you can’t lose 4 straight games. 

The last honorable mention is everyone’s favorite person to interview, Rex Ryan. There’s been rumblings in the past that if the Bills didn’t make the playoffs in 2016 that Ryan would get canned. It’s certainly looking like the Bills won’t get in this year and Rex will be gone. Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman was fired earlier in the season and I think Rex and his brother Rob will follow at the end of the year.


John Fox, Chicago Bears – John Fox’s tenure with the Bears so far has been pretty underwhelming. The Bears are 2-9 this year and their rebuild hasn’t gone as planned up to this point.

Jay Cutler still is a fixture with the organization and hr seems to be gone after the year. General manager Ryan Pace has put solid young pieces in place to succeed but injuries and poor talent have riddle the Bears in 2016. It would be probably be best if the organization went in a different direction at Head Coach. Fox is a good quality NFL Coach. But even he has struggled to right the sinking ship in Chicago. The Bears should move on and for Fox, finding another gig won’t be to hard.

Todd Bowles, New York Jets – Last year the Jets playoff hopes came dwo to week 17 of the regular season. Beat the Buffalo Bills and you’re in the playoffs. A late interception thrown by quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick saw Jets fans hope get shot and management went back to the drawing board.

Going 10-6 was considered by many to be a good quality year for the Jets in 2015. New HC Todd Bowles was praised for the job he did in year one. Almost winning 11 games with Ryan Fitzpatrick as your QB is pretty impressive. However, this year things have taken a turn for the worse.

Fitzpatrick was overpaid in the off-season and he even threw 6 interceptions in one game this year. Darrelle Revis can’t compete with father time. His time as a top CB has come to an end. The Jets did have a pretty brutal schedule to start the year so this was seen as more if a prove it year from the Jets. And they’ve completely flopped. For whatever reason Bowles won’t put in the younger option at QB in bryce Petty to see how he can play. In one game he started this year he left much to be desired.

This one is tough to call. Bowles for me getting fired is 50-50. If the Jets finished 3-13 I could see Mr. Bowles getting tossed. On the other hand winning out would put the Jets at a much more respectable 8-8 and then I could see the highers up keeping him around for a third season. The former is the more realistic of the two however.

Jeff Fisher, LA Rams – Jeff Fisher should have been fired a long time ago in Galaxy far, far away. But ownership for a smaller market team (previously being in ST. Louis) is more stingy than say firing a coach in a big market like Philadelphia. Either way that’s no excuse as to why Jeff Fisher is still a head coach in the NFL.

Fisher did break a record this season however. Not a good record let me say. Fisher is now third all time with the most losses for a NFL Head Coach. In order for Fisher to have a winning season the Rams would need to win every game left. This would be his first winning season as coach of the Rams.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but that happening is very, very slim. The Rams can’t score offensively. The fact that top pick Jared Goff was used as a safety blanket until things went south, showing that Fisher didn’t have much faith in the team’s top selected pick. Why did Case Keenum not get benched awhile ago? Ask Jeff Fisher.

The Rams are 29th in passing yards, 29th in rushing yards, and 32nd in points for. Those are alarming numbers to an atrocious offense. The defense is a bit more respectable but it still needs work. Fisher hasn’t been able to get the job done with this team and his shenanigans now with legend Eric Dickerson don’t help.

It’s time for Fisher to go, whether the front office wants it or not.


Marvin Lewis, Cincinnati Bengals – The Cincinnati Bengals for years have been seen as a good quality team with a lot of talent, but they just can’t win a playoff game. From 2011-2015 the Bengals made the playoffs and they lose in the first game every time.

At some point it has to get old and you would figure that the team would want a coach who can get a group of talented players over the hump. Lewis has been the HC since 2003. Stability at the HC spot is very important in the NFL is very important. But at times teams need a fresh start. The Bengals are a team that need a fresh start. The Bengals chances of getting into the playoffs are slim to none.

Lewis has done a good job of keeping the team on a upward trend for many years. The talent that he’s gotten out of a lot of his players and other coaches has been great. His time in Cincy has run its course and the bengals need a fresh start.

Lewis might not get fired due to owner Mike Brown being stingy and he doesn’t like paying someone if they’tre not going to in the organization. But you gotta do what you gotta do, and the Belgas gotta get rid of Marvin Lewis and hit the reset button.


Gus Bradley, Jacksonville Jaguars – Things were really looking up for Jacksonville 6 months ago. A lot of experts had the Jags being a surprise team and finishing .500 for the first time in a long time. A amazing draft with blossoming young defensive pieces on defense. Another year of Blake Bortles development with Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns. It seemed that the pieces were falling into place for once down south.

Then the Blake Bortles threw a lot interceptions. And the newly acclaimed “good” defense isn’t so good. Who’s to blame? Many will point fingers at Head Coach Gus Bradley. Bradley’s job has been in question in the past and he’s survived due to a more laid back owner in Shad Khan.

Bradley found success as a defensive coordinator in Seattle because he had the correct pieces in place to make the defense work. In Jacksonville he hasn’t had the same success on defense. Some younger players haven’t played up to their potential and injuries have gone along with it. This year the Jags have 3 interceptions, none from a CB and one coming from a safety. The Jags need a new voice if they want to build up a ferocious defense.

Bradley surviving yet another year without getting fired seems almost impossible. With games against the Broncos, Vikings and Texans coming up in three straight weeks, Bradley’s time as HC of the Jags is slowly winding down.

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