The Week in Review: February 28th-March 5th

In a stunning upset Sunday night, “Moonlight” won the award for Best Picture at the Academy Awards over the odds-on favorite, “La La Land.” The win itself was a surprise but was nearly overshadowed by a bizarre mix-up when Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announced “La La Land” as the winner. Beatty, who was presenting with Dunaway in honor of the 50th anniversary of the film “Bonnie and Clyde,” looked confused as he opened the envelope to announce the winner. He stalled, handing the envelope to Dunaway, who announced “La La Land” as the winner. Apparently, Beatty was given the backup envelope for Emma Stone’s Best Supporting Actress award. A correction was made to a baffled audience while “La La Land” producers were in mid-speech. The accountants from PricewaterhouseCoopers in charge of the envelopes will not be invited back.


The Boston Red Sox, who have begun spring training exhibitions in Fort Myers, FL, have dodged their first bullet of the fledgling season. David Price was scratched from his first start of the spring, experiencing elbow soreness after throwing two simulated innings. After an inconclusive MRI, the star pitcher was shipped off for a second opinion from Dr. James Andrews and Dr. Neal ElAttrache. After the second round of tests, Price was given close to a best-case scenario review. Price will not require surgery, needing just 7-10 days of rest, though it is not known when he’ll be ready to resume fully.


Donald Trump delivered his first speech to congress Tuesday, addressing a joint session. Trump remained on message, reading the speech from the teleprompters without his usual stream of consciousness ramblings. He addressed the wife of slain Navy Seal Ryan Owens. Tears streamed down the face of Ryan’s widow, to a standing ovation. Reaction was mixed about the speech. Many, including critics praised the President for being “presidential,” while others saw inaccuracies and a bar set much too low.


As Trump tried to bask in the glow of his well-received speech, the administration was engulfed again in controversy, this time involving new Attorney General Jeff Sessions. A story in the Washington Post cited Justice Department officials, who said that Sessions met twice with the Russian Ambassador during the campaign. Once during his confirmation hearing, and once in a written response to a follow-up question, Sessions said that he did not meet with any Russian officials during the campaign. President Trump said he had “total” faith in sessions, but the Attorney General, under pressure, recused himself from any current or ongoing probes into the administration’s Russian connections. Facing calls to resign and potential perjury charges, Sessions will try to clean up the matter when he presents amended testimony and responds to questions, Monday.


Even top White House aides were surprised to see Donald Trump’s latest controversial tweets when they woke on Saturday morning, according to Robert Costa of the Washington Post. Trump fired off early morning tweets accusing Barack Obama of having his “wires tapped” at Trump tower prior to the election. Trump referred to the unfounded claims, which have been called into question by many officials and experts, as “McCarthyism!” Trump compared the wild accusations as being akin to “Nixon/Watergate.” After accusing Barack Obama of illegally surveilling his communications, he managed to regain his focus in time to send a dig at “Apprentice” replacement Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is leaving the show in part to the Trump “baggage.” The tweets marred what was supposed to be a quiet day for the Trump administration. Along with Jeff Sessions’ Russian controversy, and the revelation of Mike Pence’s private e-mail that was hacked while Governor of Indiana, the positive press from his generally well-received speech Tuesday, was nearly erased.

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