Your Guide to the Transfer Process

It is now halfway through the spring semester at Massasoit, which for many students brings a new source of stress in addition to classwork: graduation and the transfer process.

The good news? While the challenge of applying to transfer may seem overwhelming, it is entirely doable, and there is still time. This guide is here to fill you in on the key steps in the transfer process, as well as to provide some potentially helpful resources and deadlines.

A note before we dive in: For Spring 2017 graduates, the deadline to submit the Intent to Graduate Form was February 15th. If your plan is to transfer to a four-year school with an Associate’s Degree and you have not yet completed and turned in the Intent to Graduate Form to the Registrar’s Office, contact them at 508.588.9100 x1949, or visit their office in the Administration Building.

Once you have submitted your Intent to Graduate and are on the right track to graduating, your next focus should be on looking into schools you are interested in transferring to. This may be accomplished by oneself, or with the assistance of an academic counselor from the Advisement and Counseling Center. The Center may be reached at 508.588.9100 x1461.

The process of selecting potential schools will vary from person to person. However, in general it is wise to consider certain factors, including but not limited to: location, campus size, cost, and how many of your credits will transfer smoothly, as well as how well-suited the school is to meet the needs of your chosen major.

For students who are not participating in the MassTransfer program, applying to schools is a slightly more in-depth process. Many colleges and universities require completion of the Common Application, which may be found at This also involves obtaining letters of recommendation, as well as school transcripts and a college essay. Some colleges may also require additional application materials known as supplements, which will be found on the Common App.

If applying to an eligible school as part of the MassTransfer program, an essay is not required. In addition, application fees will be waived. To apply as a MassTransfer student, visit the Admissions page of the specific college or university that you’re interested in, and fill out the MassTransfer Application.

The list of eligible schools for MassTransfer may be found at this link: Each college listed includes a link to their Undergraduate Application page.

In addition, several colleges, while not directly participating in MassTransfer, have articulation agreements with Massasoit to allow for a smoother process when transferring credits. The list of schools involved in articulation agreements may be found here:

While applying to colleges, it is also important to remember to fill out the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA). Several schools have additional financial aid forms as well. The FAFSA must be completed each year, and the deadline varies depending on the college in question.

The FAFSA application may be found here:

Upon completing the Transfer Application for your chosen schools, be sure to send each school a copy of your official Massasoit college transcript. A transcript can be requested at the Registrar’s Office in the Administration Building upon completion of the Transcript Request Form. Current students at Massasoit may request a copy of their transcript, or to have one sent to the colleges of their choice, at no charge.

Once you have completed your classes for the semester and received your final grades, you should also send a Final Massasoit Transcript, which will include updated grades as well as your graduation status, to the school that you have chosen to attend.

Now that you have completed the Transfer Applications for your chosen schools and filled out the FAFSA, you can take a breath. If you are part of MassTransfer and have a GPA of 2.5 or above, you are guaranteed acceptance to eligible schools in addition to the guarantee of having your credits transferred.

Here are some Transfer Application deadlines to keep in mind for schools that Massasoit students often transfer to, as well as links to their Transfer pages:

Bridgewater State University: August 1st

UMass Boston: June 15th

UMass Amherst: April 15th

Stonehill College: April 1st

In addition to all of the information you’ve just read, Massasoit’s Transfer Services Advising Guide provides an in-depth look at each individual step of the transfer process, as well as several invaluable resources.

The Transfer Services Advising Guide may be found here:

Few students find the process of applying to colleges and transferring to be stress-free. These guides and resources were developed in order to help students along the way on the path to success. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed by all of these applications and deadlines, but you have a support network as you move on to the next phase of your education.

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